Easy Doze-It™ 36" SnoScraper™

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Easy Doze-It™ 36" SnoScraper™

Easy Doze-It™ 36" SnoScraper™

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Model: EX910.36

Snow Blade Material: Polyethylene

Snow Blade Width: 36 in

Snow Blade Height: 8.5 in

Handle Material: Aluminum Snow Handle; Poly Shovel Grips

Product Weight: 5.5 lb

Item Dimensions: 7 in x 36 in x 51 in

Snow Shovel Type: Snow & Barn Scraper Shovel

Snow Shovel Grip: Ergonomic with 2 Handle Grip

Assembly Required: Yes. Requires Screwdriver & Wrench.

Country of Origin: Made In USA

Manufacturer: Vertex Products

UPC Code: 850025258258


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